Aashayain, 700080.

Roughly three years which I spent in Kolkata, I felt that I was in quarantine.
Meeting only those people who are necessary for growth, finding the troubleshooters and becoming troubleshooters to some.
What do I miss of Kolkata?
I surely don’t miss the tuitions which I missed every day or the office which I never reached on time.
Though I miss the ambiance of that office which was located in the posh locality where parking was charged hourly. With cubicles for articles and chambers for partners.
I miss that meeting room which was used by many like me for giving last minute touch to presentation to sharing lunch.
I wonder it was vacated because it lacked privacy for all the bags and chits.
That Mandir and idol of Lord Ganesha at the entrance of the office which reflected that the ‘holiness’ of the gold medalist and the wittiest uncles in the town are limited to that property.
The thing I miss most is that sofa beside the receptionist table in which I wanted to have a power nap after lunch.
Yes, I miss the taste of sambar which tasted like it was cooked and boiled in some kitchen of Madhurai.
That professional crowd waiting in queue for the table to be allocated so they could have one each of Idli and Vada, each served surronded by two small serves of sambar and chutney each.
All those glamorous ladies who would have never right swipe a guy on any social dating app won’t mind sitting beside or in front of me and having dosa and uttapam from hands instead of cutlery and never minding breaching the code of sophisticatedness.
I along with the crowd was shameless to ask for another round of chutneys and sambar.
Jyotivihar after it’s renewal not only lost its old look but also that old taste which still brings water to my mouth.
I miss the taste of that singhara which I use to call Samosa exposing my North Indian background.
That murrie which was distributed among articles when the workload was more and partners wanted us to work for long hours.
I feel nostalgic about how I use to walk from Maidan to Park street to save 5 bucks.
Lighting a litt and having a walk seeing all those tall buildings which needed repair work or weren’t as gorgeous as those girls living in that apartment and working in the office.
ICAI Bhawan was located in front of Little Russel Dhaba, yes despite being a budding CA, I always considered that Punjabi Dhaba as the hotspot.
If my wallet had bucks left I use to have samosa and chai at that Dhaba which at that time felt as costly as Taj.
It was costly but not over-priced.
Elachi has filled its taste to every sip of that ‘chai’.
I always stood there gazing my crush though there were other beauties maybe pg girls roaming out in payjama and top with ponytail flaunting the coolness
But ‘The 42′ was only the beauty which was more than an infatuation.
I could tell the exact color which my school crush wore for our farewell or my tuition crush shade of nail art which she had on our movie trip but I was never able to count the floor of that beauty.
Though ’42’ was just a postal address and it was planned to be of 63 floors.
I should be regretting being not an efficient article or of not being a sincere CA student who attended PS live @6:30 am. But with remorse I write, I was never able to do it with that crush of mine for whom I could have worked any number of hours as the only thing which could bring us close was the power of green boogies.
Or maybe I am regret because it wasn’t as hectic and tiring as clearing Level 2 of CA exams.
Then on the way to Park Street metro, there was a famous corporate office which never smelled like tobacco or that of pages of newly brought classmate 29.7 * 21 cm or that of fiama di wills.
It smelled like that of rats, educated, smart, intelligent rats who were busy running the race.
Maybe they were able to because nicotine was in the environment of the office.
I miss having puchka at the corner thela where Russel street meets the park street.
The street was known for its lavish hotels, seductive divas roaming around in LBD, bars and lastly for its Christmas celebration.
He charged high because he uses to pay bribe so that his stall isn’t thrown away, no wonder communist-ruled Bengal and empowered the poor and daily wagers.
Undoubtedly Park Street is the glamorous street of the state of Bengal.
The best part of the failed journey was going on client calling in Dalhousie.
The footpath vendors nearly sold everything and footpath seems to be as old as the city.
Dalhousie would be very different after the construction of BBD Bag Metro, It may not have these ambassador shuttles after which people like me use to run after coming out of Central Metro.
Crossing the road from Stephen House to the BSNL office was an art, one needs to sprint, stop, look backward, look forward and then maintain the social distance.
The thing I miss most is Uncle Harvey’s office and his hospitality.
I an only senior member of my family who won’t judge my upbringing for my deeds.
The only person who taught at me sky is the limits.
The only person who knew the art of making money.
He ordered various food items but the best one was those sandwiches that had everything from cheese and myanoise to corn and onion.
They use to give potato chips along with it whose quantity never satisfied me and those small sashes of tomato ketchup finished before even half a slice was finished.
The pineapple was sold in a bowl made out of leaf along with papayas.
Though his office was located just above the traffic stop it wasn’t noisy rather it was peaceful and calm.
I could be his mike but I missed it in the laziness of mine.
Throughout the articleship, I suffered from excusitis and learned CA is a lottery ticket with assured return.
The firm has run for 30 years and it will run for another 30 for sure but with this attitude towards their articles, I guess they will never reach the top.
Never giving damn to the kind souls and exploiting them till they get accustomed to the schedule is stealing the life which is more than a rat race.
I always wonder do articles get treated the same in mediocre firms of Manhattan?
Though this journey is incomplete without describing the 7/2 KB Sarani, Kolkata- 700080.
An outskirt address where a four-story building is located with dreams and goals to grow but those small sharing rooms which were impossible for accomodating more than 2 people in it were home for the souls like me.
It’s the ocean of secrets which we use to return after traveling 20 km from work.
Those walls have nearly seen a douche growing into a duck.
It was a prison where people could live peacefully.

Ghulam Dastagir

We fail as a society when we don’t recognize or know the names of our unsung heroes. On 2nd December a poisonous gas leaked out from the most sophisticated pesticide plant of that time in India. It is claimed that mishap took a life of more than 16,000 people and is remembered as the darkest episode of the history of India.
Ghulam Dastagir was stationmaster on Bhopal station and he flagged off the train before the scheduled departure time when he sensed something was wrong while he could have run away and saved his own life along with his family but he not only risked his duty and life but also cautioned the train which were scheduled to pass through Bhopal station in the night.
While lawyers representing UCC were awarded Padma Vibhusan and Padma Shree we don’t even remember heroes like Ghulam Dastagir who chose lifelong suffering in the line of duty and humanity. Bhopal-Union_Carbide_1_crop_memorial

Open Letter to Amit Bhai

Dear Amit Bhai, I know a 23-year old guy should address you as sir or Ji but you are like my elder brother with whom I connect and trust blindly when it comes to doing justice with my emotions. I am a proud Hindu and have no shame in saying that I vote for the party for whom saffron isn’t just color but emotions, the party which collectively holds the inertia of emotions and respect for most of the Hindutva cadres. And it is disappointing but the only party in this country who is worried for sentiments of Hindus.
Now a budding Chartered Accountant who should be writing to Shri Piyush Goyal Ji about changes in GST for Real estate why writing to the president of the saffronized party. Just for the mere reason that I am deeply hurt by the road show of president of the oldest and the grandest party where to win elections support of Muslim league was openly demanded and enjoyed, elections are won on votes and when it comes to votes every act to get them is forbidden from the low which parties make as winning elections is only the dharma of the politician.
Therefore I want to make you a request to schedule the nomination filing of our beloved PM on the occasion of  ‘Ram Navami’ and invite Shri Udhav Thakrey with flags bigger than those which were raised during the nomination filing of ‘that’ political party. I know the possibility of you reading this is minute but can’t hold myself from penning down my emotions on paper.
In case Collector’s office is shut down on the occasion of ‘Ram Navmi’ make sure the ‘Bhagwa Flag’ is raised and fly during the road show of PM when he goes to file nomination.
Thank You,
Your’s Lovingly
Rishabh Kanodia.

Crush Jihad!

Hope all the couples out there having a romantic Valentine

Enjoying each and every sip of scotch or cappuccino earned from the hard earned money by working 9 to 9 or whatsoever the case may be, searching zomato for an appropriate restaurant or planning to have swiggy’s candle night dinner while safely enjoying your blissful life got some sorrowful news which involves martyrdom of our brave hearts, no no don’t change your dp to tricolor or share some patriotic stuff just pledge that the coming generation won’t be dumb as ours.
The generation will know non-violence doesn’t mean to be as dumb as presenting your another side of the face for another slap and make sure they don’t follow stupid Buddhism theories of staying calm in every situation for your information His Highness Dalai Lama is himself a refugee in our nation.
So tomorrow they don’t grow to be as sophisticated debating violence in Kashmir and importance of human rights.
Kashmir is pride, not a liability and those who want freedom will be deboarded to 72 virgins and the womb which gives birth to Afzal will be finished along with Afzal.
Let’s stand solidarity with our forces each and every drop of blood will cost these pigs a hefty sum.

The Compromise

I was never an academic scholar which means I do have clarity of content which was taught to me in school but never scored well because I always knew knowledge prevails, mark sheets are just coupons for some temporary sense of achievement.

Then after ISC examinations, I took a gap of 6 months and joined The mighty course, the toughest examinations and probably the only option left for a guy who comes from a small city like Kanpur.

The ‘Matata’ came in the Second group of IPC in which I was able to score more than 70 in Accounts and nearly an exemption in Audit but failed ITSM in my second attempt.

It took me 3 more attempts to score 40 in Audit & ITSM. My answers were quite similar to which was given in PM of Audit and I did write point to point answer in ITSM (SM specifically)

But they failed me or my luck didn’t over-shined the lucks of passing candidate.

Now what I have learned till now is that CA is a walk-in course, they give you an opportunity to shine with little money (let’s not call it fees, ICAI means business) and a nitro booster by giving you same degree as of the metro city guy.

To my little knowledge and best of my understanding, CA’s are directly proportional to the needs of the industry so applying the demand and supply concept if institute won’t manipulate the result the supply will be sharply more than demand in the market which will further lead to huge fall In the average package offered to the newly qualified CAs.

Secondly the examiners of the examination papers

What kind of a professional who is having 4 years of experience in Industry will be interested in examining for as low as 25 rs per page?

I am not professionally or academically qualified to comment on the examiner but let’s be ruthlessly pragmatic, aren’t they looking for some passive income as the active one is not enough or maybe they have a quality issue in themselves.

ICAI is losing the mandate because of the unforgivable mistakes they are doing in forming BOS and appointing examiners. This the really brutal and unconstitutional on ICAI’s part but what we can do? Or what they can do?

They need to curtail result till the WIP stock get converted into Finished Goods and this will only happen by the unjust and unconstitutional way of examining papers. That’s a harsh fact. Today I may talk big or sound preachy and tomorrow when I suffer from ICAI’s practice of controlling result myself, I may complain but the fact remains a fact.

And to the teachers nourishing the rebel inside us. Poor timing with less than 55 days left for the bonanza, students are now demotivated and scared of facing exams

Shush Hindi main bole to

‘Phat gayie’

Praveen Sir is a great human and a marvelous teacher but with that, he is the most business-minded teacher from prograding Rajkumar sir as a poster boy of ‘Chalo Aldine campaign’ to ‘Pankaj Garg – Crusader of Change’. He knows how to knock out ICAI every time.

Hope things will get better quality will increase instead of just standard but at the last ICAI is the supreme authority

It’s like ‘brindavan mai rehna hai toh radhe radhe kehna hai’